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Bellian Serum :- Among an unlimited number of anti aging products present in the market, how one would decide which one is the best. Especially when each and every product contains good packaging and opt for almost similar marketing strategies. Moreover, each of them claims to be natural and effective, regardless of the fact, whether they actually work or not. This is not just your difficulty, but almost every woman, when they reach to the edge of their 30s need to look out for one and gets confused. It lends them into various scams, and in many a cases, they harm their skins as well. To find a potent anti aging product is really a Herculean task.

When it comes to me, I am not only very skeptical about using a new product, but believe in proof of the results. You just can’t make me fool with big banners, before and after photos and lucrative advertisements, online or offline. Hence, trying Bellian Serum was an all new experience for me, that I shared with two of my friends. They also got an opinion about it that I will share later. At first, I will talk about this anti aging serum in my review, exploring all the details about its functioning and all.

Bellian SerumReal Reasons of Getting Your Skin Aged!

Collagen, a protein present in the skin, is the main reason to keep your skin cells close and tightly together that creates the skin structure. The time when you reach around your 30s, your skin starts producing lesser amounts of this protein that makes your skin appear dull and causes lines and signs on the face. Dry skins are widely and is sooner affected by this loss and hence, skin needs to be kept moisturized. Bellian Serum works for the same. It boosts collagen production and increases skin’s moisture level to slow down the aging process. Although to stop the aging process in quite fantasy, but delay is possible that is well done by this age defying serum.

Use Bellian Serum…

It’s not a rocket science, although an easy to use serum for your knowledge. First of all, go for a face wash with a gentle and chemical free cleaner, and dab your skin dry softly with the help of a soft towel. Now you are ready to apply the solution on your face. Hence, take a pump of Bellian Serum on your fingertips and apply it all over your face and the neck area. Massage it gently till the time your skin fully soak it up in the skin. Let the solution absorbed. Experience the moisture and smoothness, then and there, however, visible results take place after using it for 1-2 months. You can use it once or twice as per your need, or as suggested by the skin expert.

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Overall Working!

According to its website, Bellian Serum is a pure natural age defying serum that works to boost collagen production in the skin to increase its elasticity. As the elasticity is needed to keep your skin supple and smooth, and to keep it away from wrinkle formation. It claims, this serum drastically reduces deep wrinkles from the eye area and provides a visible improvement in skin tone, texture and complexion. By making your skin smoother, it helps you look younger and flawless. At the same time, the light massage with this solution relaxes facial muscles of your face and brings skin stem cells into the action. Then it contains amazing hydrating power that keeps your skin moisturized regenerates epidermal tissues. With a boost to your skin’s immune system, it makes you look fresh and glorious.

Bellian Serum working

Name of Ingredients!

Matrixyl 3000 Complex is the main ingredient of Bellian Serum that helps maintain a youthful looking skin in natural ways. Moreover, it contains some of the best Collagen Boosters that work to keep your skin cells together and elastic, keeping the chances of wrinkles at bay. Hyaluronic Acid is another compound found in this wrinkle reducer that helps maintain the hydration level of your skin. And, Fibronectin is the name of another potential ingredient of this serum that is a kind of protein that binds integrins together, enabling your skin to be suppler and smoother.

Natural Ways to Slow Down Skin Aging…

After a certain period of time, every woman needs to pick an anti aging solution to keep the aging signs off. But if we improve our habit to some extent, we can definitely slow down the making of wrinkles on our faces and make our younger-hood long lasting. There are certain precautions that we can opt for and enjoy delayed aging process for sure. Find out some:

  • Always use a moisturizer as a base of your makeup, it keeps your skin protected from dryness that’s one of the main causes of wrinkles
  • Avoid excessive use of compacts or loose powder as it gets stuck in the pores and interrupts the flow of natural oil on the face, causing dryness
  • Drink plenty of water, or at least 2-3 liter of water need to be provided with your internal system to work in its natural rhythm. It keeps your skin naturally hydrated and wrinkles at bay
  • Be very careful in your choices of beauty products. Opt for natural and trusted brands, as a wrong beauty product can wreck havoc with your skin health
  • Don’t eat fried or junk food, as they create toxins in the body and impacts your skin health. Eat healthy and include lots of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables in your daily diet to keep your skin naturally glowing
  • Avoid smoking as it’s also one of the main causes of dryness and wrinkles, as well as drinking too much can leave your skin dull and wrinkly
  • Doing mild exercise will also help you retain the skin elasticity naturally. While including some facial exercises will add an extra point in your skin health regimen

There are many more things that need to be paid attention to, in order to avoid wrinkle formation on your face, by following up some natural and simple day to day things. In easy terms, I can say that a healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating habit can help your skin stay young for longer.

How Bellian Serum Helps you…?

  • The solution helps you with clinically proven results, as it contains cutting edge ingredients that enables it to combat the aging signs and provide you the radiant, and younger looking skin.
  • It helps with qusomes delivery system, by facilitating a prolonged release of nutrients in the skin, leading to a healthy glow to the face.
  • It’s gentle and effective as the complex is paraben free and it’s proven by dermatologists that its non irritating

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What my Friends say about Bellian Serum…

Although there must be many of the satisfied user of this formula, yet I want to mention only them I know. After all, I have already said, I believe in eye witness and don’t go on the tongue and cheek stuffs. Here find out their opinion and then I will share mine too. Here we start:

  • According to Alexandra: She loved the texture as it’s quiet fluffy, yet creamy. Moreover, it’s creamy and thick at the same time, that allows it to soak deep into the skin without being oily or sticky. She uses it twice daily, in the morning and before going to the bed that keeps her skin away from wrinkle formation. Moreover, she likes the fact that it provides SPF factor about this solution that aids to the skin additionally.
  • What Hailey says: She likes the fact that this serum is creamy, yet light weight. It keeps her skin look and feel hydrated for long and she is actually using it just for a week, so she still is waiting to see visible results within a few months of its regular use. However, until now, within a week, the moisturizing factor has impressed her a lot, and hence she hopes to see some brilliant results very soon.

Bellian Serum : In My Opinion

It has been more than six months, I have been using Bellian Serum. And, I have to say, it works! Earlier, when I was trying some other product, it didn’t work, instead worsen the condition of my skin. It was the main reason of me being so skeptical. I became very protective of my skin health, and started using it only after my dermatologist nodded for it. It was the time I almost decided for the Botox, as wrinkles were crawling on my face faster and fine lines were taking shape around the eyes. However, this wrinkle reducer not only faded them off, but improved my skin quality for the better. It not only makes me feel confident, but keeps me motivated for a graceful aging process.

I think it’s a good start initiated by the makes of this serum, as they helps women from wasting their money ion the Botox treatment and from keep picking up anti aging products one by one from the shelf of a retail stores and try it out on their faces. This is a genuine product that works in a natural manner and results are not faster a Botox, though it later on show same effects on the face, after a regular use for a few months. It’s worth trying indeed.

Is it Safe?

I found my skin safe during the use of Bellian Serum, not only in the initial time, but with the continuous user. Even my friends, whom I suggested to use it never complained about it. It works effectively on all skin types. I can say this, because Alexandra got an oily skin, while Hailey’s skin is dry, and for your surprise, I have got a mixed skin tone that is actually very delicate to try a new thing on it. Besides, as I already told you that I started using it after consulting with a dermatologist, my friends also did the same. This is also one of the reasons of a safe and secure results. Moreover, every skin can’t behave the same way, and it may be possible that your skin is allergic to some ingredients or the other, and hence, it’s always better to seek the advice from a skin expert and stay away from the risk on your skin.

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What else I need to be Careful about….?

  • The very first thing that I already told you is to check with a dermatologist and then begin using any new product
  • The second and important thing is about hygiene. Keep your skin clean and dry before applying it and avoid the invites to the bacteria and other organic substances to keep your skin safe from allergies
  • You also have to keep this bottle at a normal room temperature, and away from direct moisture or heat. So don’t expose it to the sunlight, neither refrigerate it ever
  • You need to keep the bottle away from your children’s reach, as it’s not for people under 18. Moreover, try to begin its use after 30

Where to Buy?

It’s very simple and easy to get the trial of Bellian Serum. You just have to accomplish the required steps compiled down below and you are all set to get your package at your doorstep. Here are they:

  • Step 1: Fill up the required fields of the form given HERE
  • Step 2: Click on ORDER NOW!
  • Step 3: Check out the summary of the payment
  • Step 4: Provide the credit information
  • Step 5: Reserve your order

By following these simple five steps, you can easily get to avail the benefits served by this anti aging solution. Get your package now and delay the skin aging process.

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